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Release Notes


  • You can now export your Arc Notes. In our effort to simplify Arc, we’ll be slowly deprecating Arc Notes over the coming weeks. For now, notes are still available to create and edit, but you’ll see alerts reminding you about the phase-out and an option to export whenever you open a note. You can also export at any time by hitting CMD T and typing “Export Arc Notes.”
  • When dragging a tab to create a Split View in the Pinned section, we now keep your Split Tab in place, rather than moving it to the Today section.
  • We've fixed a bug in Easel that sometimes caused missing presence cursors.
  • We fixed a bug that showed a loading indicator on all Spaces when organizing Today Tabs (via the Tidy Tabs icon) in a single Space.
  • We've improved the performance of the Command Bar (CMD T)! Search suggestions will now show up faster as you type.


  • Your tabs on Arc for Mac will now sync with Arc for Windows (beta)! Simply sign in with the same email on both devices and make sure our new Syncing feature is turned on in Arc > Settings > Account.
  • We now use your chosen App Icon in the Quit dialog, rather than always using the default.
  • Links closed from Little Arc now live in the Archive. Visit them by going to CMD + T and typing "View Archive," then filtering for Little Arc.
  • We now support F12 as a shortcut for opening Developer Tools.
  • We've fixed text alignment of Space menu items that have no icon.
  • When importing from a previous browser profile that had some extensions pinned, we'll be sure to pin those same extensions in Arc too.
  • We've fixed a bug that caused flickering in the Command Bar after selecting a new tab.


  • All Mac Members can now sign into Arc for Windows Beta without waiting on the waitlist! Head here for instructions.
  • For Arc Toolbar users, we've added a subtle divider separating the toolbar from your web content. You can turn on the Arc Toolbar by going to View > Show Toolbar. You can turn it off by going to View > Hide Toolbar.
  • We're unshipping the Command Bar actions EDU that reminds you how to search through command bar actions. Actions still exist if you hit Tab instantly after hitting CMD T.
  • We're unshipping Paste & Go. We found that the utility of the feature was not worth the added UX.
  • Companies can now enforce turning off Arc Max (a suite of AI features) via Chromium's enterprise policy API. The policy is called arcMaxDisabledByOrgPolicy.
  • Overflow text in the Mini Audio Player will now marquee so you can fully read long media titles.
  • We've fixed a bug that caused the icon of pinned extensions to render incorrectly.